Linear Bash Game

Linear Bash was developed as a visual recognition game for the i-pad. The game content centres on the syllabic signs of Linear B and the player needs to recognize which symbols look the same in order to pair them up by swiping the little tablets across the screen.  Once a pairing is made the game gives the player the spoken sound of the symbols just matched and points
are added to their score. The visual aesthetic of the game is inspired by the ‘Prince of Lilies’ fresco from Knossos. Basic information about Linear B is accessible available on the homepage of the game, but the main objective is to enable the audience to acquire visual and sonic knowledge in a playful manner.

Digital Game Designer:
Junaid Ansar

Linear B Logo grams Memory

This game is based on the old fashioned game of Memory, which involves each player turning over two game cards until they have found a matching pair. In this instance the memory game is made up of 18 Linear B Logo-grams, divided over two differently coloured sets of cards in order to aid players in their search. Finding the pairs requires the participants to develop their visual recognition of the logo graphs as well as their spatial memory skills. Each card also gives further information on the meaning of the logo graph. The turquoise set is titled in English and the auburn set in Greek, which adds to the cross-cultural linguistic learning potential. Each time a player finds a pair they get another go.

Game Designer:
Christopher Goggs